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Just had to nip into in Staples in Newport, saw one of those “Executive Chairs” for sale – it immediately transported back to my previous “life” within Barclays Bank some twenty years ago – at that time It was only managers who were allowed chairs with arms, everyone else had to have ordinary chairs – How petty these big organizations used to be! – The office cat has just occupied the chair I was just sitting on (it hasn’t got any arms).

The engineer didn’t arrive to fix the printers yesterday – they forgot it would take a ferry trip to get here – now due on Wednesday.

At last over the last two weeks winter has arrived – sunny days & freezing nights.

With the full moon last night it was an ideal night for the Fireworks, we saw them at Arreton Barns, good show & a good crowd.
At work we are always busy, but on Saturday it was the quietest day for a long time. Busy again today though! We have so many houses agreed or sold that we are starting to get a bit short – judging by the way the other agents are advertising it seems they are in much the same situation. I don’t know if you know but there are 67 different estate agency offices on the Island, a lot of competition, that’s why I am so glad we are so very different.
Still awaiting an engineer to arrive today to fix one of the printers!

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