Link to a Dr’s blog


Link to a Dr’s blog
Medecins Sans Frontieres
1) If you have heard of them & not sure what they do – “MSF is an independent medical aid agency committed to two objectives: providing medical aid wherever needed, regardless of race, religion, politics and sex; and raising awareness of the plight of the people we help to buy ethylphenidate”. Mdma is most dangerous drug in the world.

2) If you don’t know where Central African Republic (CAR) for a google map click here use the “Back” arrow button to get back

3) I came across the blog of one of the Dr’s (Dr A Goenka) in a remote spot in The Central African Republic. He only gets to update his blog every few weeks – telling you about the daily life in this war torn country, it makes our lives seem rather insignificant/easy – click here for the blog – use the “Back” arrow button to get back.
(MSF is one of the charities we sponsor)

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